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PocketBible for iOS Advanced Feature Set One-Year Subscription


Buy It Once, Use It On These Platforms
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


The free version of PocketBible contains all the features you need for Bible study on your iOS device. This Advanced Feature Set is for those who want to do a little more. It enables features in PocketBible that make Bible study easier and more enjoyable.

This Advanced Feature Set is specific to PocketBible running on an iOS device. If you have PocketBible on an Android or Windows phone or any other supported platform, you'll need to purchase the Advanced Feature Set for that platform. Note that the features themselves vary from platform to platform also.

The Advanced Feature Set is a subscription service. If you purchase a subscription through in-app purchase your iOS device, it will automatically renew at the end of each period. If you purchase here on our website, we will contact you to remind you of each expiration date so you can come to our website and renew your subscription. You can renew any time; your subscription will be extended from its original expiration date. You don't lose anything by renewing early.

A multi-platform AFS subscription is available if you run PocketBible on more than one platform (for example, you use it on both Android and iOS devices, or you use it on your iPhone and Mac. The multi-platform AFS is only available here on our website, not through in-app purchase on your device. Learn more about the multi-platform AFS.

Tired of subscriptions? There's a one-time lifetime purchase option here.


These are the features in the Advanced Feature Set for PocketBible for iOS.

If you own an older version of the Advanced Feature Set (AFS) from PocketBible 3 or earlier, your older AFS will only enable the features in version 4 that it did in version 3. Owners of the version 3 AFS will need to subscribe to the version 4 AFS to access the additional features.

Features that were introduced in version 4 are indicated by the tag [V4].

  • Saved/Named Layouts [V4] on iPad. Allows iPad users to save the current screen configuration so that different screen layouts can be used for different purposes (sermon notes, personal study, devotional reading, word studies, etc.)
  • Reading Mode [V4] removes tool bars, title bars, tool box, and all other window dressing so the full screen can be used for text. A single button gives you access to essential functionality in this mode such as opening a different book or going to a different verse. Perfect for undistracted reading!
  • Unique Autostudy feature finds everything in your library related to the selected verse or word. Autostudy a verse or passage to see a report containing:
    • The text of the verse(s) in each of your selected Bibles
    • The verse(s) with Strong's numbers or other word attributes, depending on which Bibles you own and if they contain that information
    • Dictionary definition of every word in the verse from all of your selected dictionaries
    • Definitions of all the Greek or Hebrew words in the verse from your Strong's dictionaries (if you own them)
    • Commentary on the verse from all your selected commentaries
    • Cross-references for the verse from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and other cross-reference sources (if installed)
    • Your notes on the verse(s)
    Autostudy a word to see a report showing:
    • Its definition from each of your selected dictionaries
    • The number of times it occurs in each of your selected Bibles
    • Related Strong's numbers (if you own one of our Bibles with Strong's numbers)
    • Definitions of each of those Strong's numbers from your Strong's dictionaries (if you own them)
    Autostudy today's (or any day's) devotional reading [V4] to see a report showing:
    • The readings for today from your selected devotionals.
    • The text of any Bible passages referenced in those readings from your selected Bibles
    Autostudy reports can be printed, copied to the clipboard, or saved to PocketBible's public folder and copied to your Mac or PC through iTunes.
  • Synthesized audio support for all Bibles and books using the text-to-speech engine built into iOS. Works for English, Spanish, and Greek texts. Speak a passage, or just start speaking at the top of the page of any book or Bible. Will optionally scroll the text to match what it is speaking using the new autoscroll feature.
  • Autoscroll [V4]* the text for hands-free reading. Easily adjust the speed of scrolling by dragging the text into the position you want it. If you're using the audio feature to have PocketBible read to you, Autoscroll will match the pace of reading. (*Note that version 3 AFS owners have access to this feature even though it was introduced in version 4.)
  • The Journal lets you create notes that aren't associated with any Bible verse.
  • AirPrint printing support. Print selected text, verses, passages, and Autostudy reports.
  • Tabbed panes. Display up to five panes, each containing any number of books, or switch to showing five tabs, where each tab controls a full-screen pane containing any number of books.
  • Assign names to your highlight colors.
  • Download your entire PocketBible library [V4] from our server to your device in one step.
  • Automatically open all of your books into panes according to type (Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc.).

Additional settings:

  • Custom Shortcut Keys. [V4] Define your own keyboard shortcuts for selected frequently used functions like opening a book, going to a verse, searching, etc.
  • Hide verse numbers. [V4]
  • Disable "sleep on idle" [V4] so your screen won't shut off while reading in PocketBible.
  • Use additional fonts [V4] that are built into your device or installed by third-party font utilities.
  • Take advantage of additional color schemes [V4] to customize the appearance of PocketBible to match your preferences.
  • Up to five book panes on the iPhone (was two).

System Requirements

Requires iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running latest version of iOS.

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The Fine Print

Copyright © 2010-2024 by Laridian, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Laridian, PocketBible, and MyBible are registered trademarks of Laridian, Inc. DailyReader, Memorize!, PrayerPartner, eTract, BookBuilder, VerseLinker, iPocketBible, DocAnalyzer, Change the way you look at the Bible, and The Bible. Anywhere. are trademarks of Laridian, Inc. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.

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