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If you have previously purchased or registered a product, you already have a customer account. It is to your advantage to use the email address and password from that account when you log in here so you can keep all your downloadable products together in one account.

Why is this Important?

Our newer products allow you to maintain your personal notes, highlights, bookmarks, etc. on our server in your customer account. They also have an integrated function that allows you to download the books you've purchased (regardless of platform you purchased them for) directly into the program. If you have to log into multiple accounts to find all your books you risk spreading your personal notes, highlights, and bookmarks into several accounts. In other words, things get messy.

What if I Forgot my Password?

Follow the instructions on the left to request that your password be sent to you by email. Then, when you receive the email, come back here to continue the registration process.

What Product Are You Registering?

Enter the Product Code from the registration card in your package.

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Enter the Serial Number (if any) from your package. The serial number is 16 numbers and digits in four groups of four, like QR6B-ZDSU-2GVO-5EIA. If your product does not have a serial number on the package nor in a file called "SerialNumber.htm" on the CD or USB device, then leave this field blank. You may enter this value with or without the hyphens.

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