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Screen Shots

  • Open up to five windows to view Bibles or books side-by-side on your tablet (up to 2 windows on a phone).
  • Change background and text color for ease of reading.
  • PocketBible comes with over 40 free titles. Choose from a growing collection of Bible and books to expand your library at any time.
  • Adjust PocketBible settings to your specification.
  • Quickly find any passage in a Bible using the book/chapter/verse chooser.
  • Open two windows to view books side-by-side (up to 5 windows on a tablet).
  • Read the words of Christ in red (where available, see specific Bible page for details). Optionally change font, font size and background color for ease of reading.
  • Tap on cross-references to view related verses instantly.

PocketBible for Android



PocketBible is more than just the Bible on your phone or tablet. It is the gateway to a library of Bible reference materials and devotional books. So you can read, grow and share what you learn about God's Word. Everywhere.

PocketBible is FREE. However, you can enable its Advanced Feature Set for a nominal fee to take advantage of additional features.

This version of PocketBible comes with the following Bibles and reference books:

Nine Bibles

  • American Standard Version
  • Bible in Basic English
  • Darby's New Translation
  • Geneva Bible (New Testament)
  • King James Version
  • Webster's Bible
  • Weymouth Bible
  • World English Bible
  • Young's Literal Translation

Four Bible Commentaries

  • Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible by Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown
  • Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible by Matthew Henry
  • Reference Notes by Scofield
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Five Topical References

  • Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • Nave's Topical Bible
  • Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names
  • Torrey's Topical Textbook
  • Condensed Bible Cyclopedia

Eleven Devotional Reading Books

  • Seven “Through the Bible” Reading Plans
  • Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading Plan
  • M'Cheyne One-Year Bible Reading Plan
  • Morning and Evening Devotionals by Spurgeon
  • Daily Light on the Daily Path

Twelve Other Bible Reference Books

  • Works of Josephus (5 Volumes)
  • Works of Augustine (5 Volumes)
  • Imitation of Christ
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Additional Bibles and Books can be purchased for use in the program.


PocketBible gives you lightning fast access to your favorite Bibles, reference book, devotionals and more! The free version has the following features. Additional advanced features are available for a nominal upgrade price.

  • Read and study the Bible anywhere. Unlike other Bible apps for Android, no Internet connection is required once you've downloaded your Bibles and books onto your device.
  • Continuous scrolling means you'll never fall behind your pastor or Bible study leader.! Compare PocketBible to your current Android Bible app – PocketBible really is lightning fast!
  • Quickly go to any verse using the colorful book/chapter/verse chooser.
  • Search your Bibles and books by word or phrase.
  • Easily switch between any number of open Bibles and books.
  • Look at multiple books at the same time. Open up to 2 panes on your smartphone and 5 panes on your tablet. Bibles and books will always stay on the same verse (can also be turned off so they don't stay on the same verse)
  • Record what you learn by taking notes, highlighting passages, and setting bookmarks. Bible references in your notes are automatically linked to the Bible.
  • Track your progress through devotionals and Bible reading plans.
  • Synchronize your notes, highlights, bookmarks and daily reading progress with the Laridian Cloud and share between your other devices using PocketBible.
  • Adjust font, font size and background color for your reading pleasure.
  • Register PocketBible for free access to 40+ Bibles, reference books, devotionals and reading plans. Grow your library at any time by choosing from 100s of popular titles from Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Tyndale and more (each sold separately).

Register PocketBible after you download to get access to the FREE Bibles and reference books mentioned above (you can pick and choose what you want to install).

System Requirements

PocketBible is compatible with Android OS 2.2 or later. An Internet connection is required to download the program from the link above and the additional Bibles and reference books from our server after installation and registration.

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Copyright © 2010-2017 by Laridian, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Laridian, PocketBible, and MyBible are registered trademarks of Laridian, Inc. DailyReader, Memorize!, PrayerPartner, eTract, BookBuilder, VerseLinker, iPocketBible, DocAnalyzer, Change the way you look at the Bible, and The Bible. Anywhere. are trademarks of Laridian, Inc. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.

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