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Quest Reading Plan Course 1

Quest Reading Plan Course 2

Quest Reading Plan Course 3

Quest Study Bible

Quest Study Bible Notes


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If you've ever read the Bible and found yourself asking the tough questions, like "Why did that happen?" "What does this verse mean?" "How does this story impact my life today?" then the Quest Study Bible is perfect for you.

The editors and researchers at Zondervan and Christianity Today International found that Bible readers were routinely seeking answers to challenging questions that arose as they read the Bible. Focus groups around the United States evaluated the usefulness of potential study Bible features and helped select the features what would be included in this Bible. Then, more than 1,000 people received passages of Scripture and were asked, "What questions do you have about this portion of the Bible?" Their responses helped determine what kinds of questions the notes would answer.

Readers found the original Quest Study Bible so helpful that the editors at Christianity Today and Zondervan decided to work together once more to update its content. An updated edition of the Bible, which included hundreds of new notes and articles, was released in 2003 and another in 2011. In addition to many new notes and articles, each existing note and article received a complete editorial review to ensure that all questions and answers contain the most concise and accurate information. The new Quest also includes articles that answer the top 100 questions people ask while reading the Bible. These questions were developed based on research information provided by readers like you.

Bundle Contents

In addition to the Quest Study Bible Notes, you'll also get 3 unique Bible readings plans:

  • Course 1: Introduction to the Bible This is a 6-week plan of daily readings to quickly introduce you to frequently quoted or referenced passages in the Bible to whet your appetite for reading more.
  • Course 2: A Guided Tour of the Bible Includes 180 readings that cover at least one chapter of all 66 books of the Bible. This plan is presented in chronological order to help you better grasp the narrative of the Bible.
  • Course 3: Every Word in the Bible Other readings plans compel you to read through the entire Bible in one year. This course assigns only one chapter (or two brief chapters) each day over a 3-year period. It alternates between Old and New Testaments to provide variety.

Combined with the question-and-answer notes from the Quest Study Bible pursuing these reading plans should give you a new appreciation for and understanding of the Scriptures.


Book Introductions At the beginning of each Bible book, you'll find direct answers to specific questions about the book: Who wrote it? Why? What should I look for as I read it? You'll also begin to gain an understanding of some of the themes covered in each Bible book.

Time Lines and Maps The time lines included in the book introductions and the maps strategically located throughout the Bible will help you locate when and where the action being described took place.

Questions and Articles The majority of the commentary notes are question-based and clarify the meaning of the Bible text. The chapter and verse from the Bible text in question is placed in parentheses behind each question. These notes deal with such issues as:

  • Perplexing words and phrases.
  • The cultural context. When reading the Bible, it is important to understand what was going on in the culture of the day in order to get an accurate picture of the way life was experienced by the people of Bible times.
  • "Reasonable cause" for God's mysterious action. Why did God do the things he did — like punish a nation for its king's decision to take a census? We cannot completely know God's mind, but we can venture some plausible explanations.
  • Fair summations of controversial passages. While recognizing that portions of the Bible have been debated for centuries, the study notes try to offer balanced summaries of the various interpretations.
  • Explanations of particular types of writing. Why take the time to read a list of names? How should Biblical poetry be interpreted? Or ancient laws? The notes help explain the significance of these kinds of literature.
  • Other passages that cover the same or similar events or topics. The Scripture "LINK" feature points to other places in the Bible where a related event or topic is mentioned. These cross-references typically indicate why the verse or passage to which you are directed is relevant.

Many of the answers are expanded into special articles. These articles take on some of the most popular and thought-provoking questions asked by contemporary Bible readers. This is also where you will find the top 100 most-asked questions. These top 100 most-asked questions were developed in response to feedback gathered from research about common questions readers have about the Bible.

Index to Subjects The subject index at the back of this Bible lists major subjects that may be of interest to you and gives you the Scripture verses where the notes or articles related to those subjects may be found.

Dictionary-Concordance Of course PocketBible functions as an exhaustive concordance of every word in the Bible. But the unique dictionary-concordance found in the back of this book contains definitions of some of the names, words, phrases and place names found in the Bible. Each entry includes Scripture references where the word is used.

Indexes to Maps and Charts In the back of the Quest Study Bible Notes you will find indexes to the in-text maps and charts. These indexes list all the titles of the two-color maps and charts, as well as where they are located.

3-Course Reading Plan We've extracted the 3 excellent reading plans from the Quest Study Bible and created PocketBible devotional reading plans out of them so you can track your progress as you survey the Bible in 6 weeks, get a bird's-eye view in 6 months, or read the entire Bible through in 3 years.

System Requirements

Installed size (unless otherwise indicated): Approximately 17.875 MB. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Requires iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running latest version of iOS. Download size: 17.875 MB. Android Requires Android OS 4.4 or later. Download size: 17.875 MB. Windows Phone Requires Windows Phone 7.5 or later. Download size: 108.625 MB. Windows Store Requires Windows 8, 10, 11 or later. Download size: 108.625 MB. Windows Desktop Requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 or later. Mac OS Requires macOS 10.13 or later. Download size: 17.875 MB.

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The Fine Print

Copyright © 2010-2024 by Laridian, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Laridian, PocketBible, and MyBible are registered trademarks of Laridian, Inc. DailyReader, Memorize!, PrayerPartner, eTract, BookBuilder, VerseLinker, iPocketBible, DocAnalyzer, Change the way you look at the Bible, and The Bible. Anywhere. are trademarks of Laridian, Inc. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.

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