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90 Days Thru the Bible

90 Days Thru the Bible


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Develop a deeper relationship with God and a deeper understanding of His word in just 90 days! You may believe the Bible’s overall message, but have you truly grasped the whole story? Sometimes understanding the Scriptures seems daunting. Though God’s message of love is simple, so that even a child may embrace it, His epic story is complex enough to mystify even the most curious intellect. We grasp the pieces much more easily than we comprehend the whole.

In 90 Days Thru the Bible, acclaimed devotional writer Chris Tiegreen and Walk Thru the Bible guide you through the major sections of Scripture, meditating on how each story and theme, like the pieces of a puzzle, beautifully contributes to God’s great story. You'll come to understand the heart of God, and the awe-inspiring story he's telling, like never before. Also includes a 13-session guide and discussion questions for reflection, this is the perfect resource for small groups, individuals, and church groups.

90 Days Thru the Bible is NOT a Bible reading plan but rather a devotional overview of the entire Bible. It is a wonderful devotional about God's Word.

From the Preface

This ninety-day devotional won't explore the Bible fully, of course; it's impossible to be that thorough in short daily readings. Rather, the purpose of this book is to draw the major themes out of each book of Scripture and to meditate on how each one contributes to God's great story. At one level, it's an overview, but it's designed to go much deeper than that—more like admiring the beauty of each piece of a puzzle and contemplating how it contributes to the whole picture. In the process, we will encounter the major characters, events, and themes of the Bible and discover a divine flow that connects them all. We will see how God unveiled Himself and His purposes over diverse centuries and through diverse people. The majesty of Scripture will inspire us more deeply and enhance our appreciation of the heart of God.

Sample Text

Day 83
1 Peter 1-5

Contrary to popular belief, there was never an empire-wide persecution against the early church. There were momentary, regional outbreaks—first in Jerusalem, later in Rome and other cities under emperors like Nero and Domitian—but no systematic attack on believers. The outbursts that did occur, however, were brutal at times. And more subtle forms of oppression, such as verbal attacks and discrimination, could be much more lasting and pervasive. Any time Christianity was seen as a threat to the public order—or to the divine order, as when Christians refused to worship the emperor or the pagan gods—local authorities could become oppressive. In volatile times, intense opposition can spring up at any moment.

Peter writes to Christians across the empire who are experiencing various degrees of suffering—some physically and violently, others more subtly--at the hands of specific opponents or the culture at large. He emphasizes the inheritance we have been given, an imperishable inheritance not rooted in this age, but eternal and certain. God has chosen us—Jewish and Gentile believers--as His royal nation of priests, His own possession that He is refining and preserving forever. When we suffer, we should not be surprised. Jesus Himself faced intense opposition, and God exalted Him. God allows our faith to be tested, knowing that it will prove to be pure gold. And when we endure unjust suffering, it's a testimony to those around us that we have a hope rooted in something deeper than our circumstances. Our trials may be painful, but they are temporary. Our salvation is forever.

As everlasting beings focused on the long view, we have a different outlook than the world on our relationships and how we conduct ourselves. Peter advises his readers about how to function in society, about having the right attitudes in marriage, being self-controlled, being holy as God is holy, forsaking pride and embracing humility, casting our anxieties on God, and resisting our adversary the devil. In every area, our lives are shaped by whether we have a here-and-now focus or a now-and-forever focus. It's vitally important to know who we are, who has called us, and where we're headed.

That's why we need to learn how to invest our thinking and our deepest hopes in the inheritance that can't pass away. We get glimpses of fulfilled hearts in this age, and God really does want us to experience His goodness in the land of the living (Ps 27:13). But He has also subjected this world to futility so that we will seek something more (Ro 8:20-21). Though our salvation takes away much of that futility--it's not just a spiritual salvation, but includes degrees of emotional and physical healing--we still know what it means to be frustrated—always looking for that next level of fulfillment, but instead experiencing plans that don't work out, people who don't cooperate, and dreams that don't always become reality. When we fix our hope on the imperishable, our disappointments aren't quite so disappointing.

If salvation is our true focus, we really need to know what that salvation is. It isn't just floating around in heaven or being in a boring worship service forever. (Worship services in heaven are hardly boring—fire, lightning and thunder, unimaginably brilliant colors—but Scripture implies that heaven will be full of other activities and adventures too.) We will reign with Jesus in His Kingdom, which, from what we know of His creativity, will be bursting with life and excitement. Eternity will not be a letdown, as many seem to believe. It will be immensely worthwhile.

How do we respond to this eternal hope? By asking ourselves whether every passion, every activity, every investment of our time and resources really is valuable in the long run. Does it enhance the eternal future we want to have? When we look back on our earthly lives with regrets—"I wish I had relaxed and just enjoyed high school," "I wish I hadn't wasted so much money," "I wish I'd spent more time with my family rather than at the office"—these are really glimpses of a much greater dynamic on an eternal scale. In the fullness of God's Kingdom, we'll be glad for every investment we made in eternal matters. They will work out to our benefit as well as the benefit of others. One day, looking back, we will not regret whatever we had to endure today.

Questions for Reflection
Why should we not be surprised when we encounter trials and testing? How does knowing our true identity and our future inheritance help us in difficult situations now?

About the Author(s)

Walk Thru the Bible Ministries ignites a passion for God's Word through innovative live events, inspiring biblical resources, and a global impact that changes lives worldwide.

Chris Tiegreen has inspired thousands of people through his insightful and thought-provoking popular One Year devotionals. He is also the author of several other books, including Unburdened. He is currently an editor at Walk Thru the Bible.

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