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In order for everyone to be able to use PocketBible for their personal Bible study, we give the program away for free along with a large number of Bibles and classic Bible reference books. Realizing that the majority of our operating expenses go toward developing the software that we give away for free, many of you have asked how you can show your appreciation for our work. We've created our High 5! program to give you that opportunity!

Select your favorite PocketBible platform from the list on the right, and we'll add a $5 contribution to your order. Your contributions help fund the development work we do on PocketBible, keeping PocketBible free for everyone!

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Turn your High 5! into a High 10! or even a High 25! by changing the quantity on the checkout page. Or come back next month and give us another High 5!.

Is My Gift Tax-Deductible?

Nope. Sorry. Laridian is not a church, we're not a non-profit, and we're not a 501(c)(3) or any other kind of charity. What you do get is our eternal gratitude and unspoken thanks from thousands of other PocketBible users who aren't in a position to give but who are benefiting from using PocketBible to study the Bible.

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