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N.T. Wright for Everyone Bible Study: Galatians


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About this Series

The widely respected pastor and New Testament scholar, N. T. Wright, walks you book by book through the entire New Testament in this series. Perfect for group use or daily personal reflection, these studies use the popular inductive method combined with Wright's thoughtful insights to bring contemporary application of Scripture to life.

About this Volume

Paul's project, he often says, is building--not with bricks and mortar but rather with people. He lays the foundation with the shockingly good news of one true God who raised Jesus from the dead, in order to build a new family with no divisions, all of whom can call God Father. In a world of widespread ethnic rivalry and trenchant divisiveness, Paul's strong corrective message in Galatians demands to be heard and reheard. In these 11 studies, we hear once again what remains shockingly good news.

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  • Includes suggestions for individual and group study (with leader's guide)
  • Features the popular inductive Bible study method with notes and comments from a world-renowned New Testament scholar
  • Designed specifically for lay people to facilitate contemporary application of Scripture

From the Preface

Imagine you're in South Africa in the 1970s. Apartheid is at its height. You are embarked on a risky project: to build a community center where everybody will be equally welcome, no matter what their color or race. You've designed it; you've laid the foundation in such a way that only the right sort of building can be built. Or so you think.

You are called away urgently to another part of the country. A little later you get a letter. A new group of builders are building on your foundation. They have changed the design, and are installing two meeting rooms, with two front doors, one for whites only and one for blacks only. Some of the local people are mightily relieved. They always thought there was going to be trouble, putting everyone together like that. Others, though, asked the builders why the original idea wouldn't do. Oh, said the builders airily, that chap who laid the foundation, he had some funny ideas. He didn't really have permission to make that design. He'd got a bit muddled. We're from the real authorities. This is how it's got to be.

That was the sort of situation in which Paul found himself, almost two thousand years ago in what is now south central Turkey. He was building with people, not bricks and mortar, laying the foundation of the good news. The one creator God had unveiled his long-awaited plan for the world in his son Jesus who was executed by the Romans but raised by God. The good news doesn't end there either. Jesus' death and resurrection mean that God is now building a new family, a single family, a family with no divisions, no separate races, no Jews at this table and Gentiles at another.

Afterward others came in saying Paul didn't really know what he was doing. He didn't have proper authority from the apostles in Jerusalem. Yes, we all believe that Jesus is the Messiah, they said; but we can't have Jewish believers and Gentile believers living as though they were part of the same family. If the Gentile believers want to be part of the real inner circle, they have to become Jews first.

Paul was so incensed that he wrote a sharp letter to the Galatians—one of the first, perhaps the very first, that Paul ever wrote to one of the young churches he planted on the eastern rim of the Mediterranean. That means it is among the very earliest documents we possess from the beginning of the church's existence.

Through this guide, prepared with the help of Dale and Sandy Larsen for which I am grateful, we will see a group of people already full of life, bubbling with energy, with questions, problems, excitement, danger and, above all, a sense of the presence and power of the living God who has changed the world through Jesus and is now at work in a new way by his Spirit. We all look for those same qualities to touch us as well as we delve more deeply into them.

About the Author(s)

N. T. Wright, formerly bishop of Durham in England, is research professor of New Testament and early Christianity at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. He was formerly canon theologian of Westminster Abbey and dean of Lichfield Cathedral. He also taught New Testament studies for twenty years at Cambridge, McGill and Oxford Universities. Wright's full-scale works The New Testament and the People of God, Jesus and the Victory of God and The Resurrection of the Son of God are part of a projected six-volume series titled Christian Origins and the Question of God. Among his many other published works are Surprised by Hope and Simply Christian.

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