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This product is only available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

PocketBible for iOS - Upgrade to Advanced Features


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This product upgrades PocketBible for iOS from the Standard (Free) Feature Set to the Advanced Feature Set. After purchasing this product, you must select "Buy/Apply Upgrade" from inside PocketBible in order for it to take effect.


  • Unique Autostudy feature finds everything in your library related to the selected verse or word. Autostudy a verse to see a report containing:
    • The text of the verse in each of your selected Bibles
    • The verse with Strong's numbers (if you own one of our Bibles that contains Strong's numbers)
    • Dictionary definition of every word in the verse from all of your selected dictionaries
    • Definitions of all the Greek or Hebrew words in the verse from your Strong's dictionaries (if you own them)
    • Commentary on the verse from all your selected commentaries
    • Cross-references for the verse from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (if installed)
    Autostudy a word to see a report showing:
    • Its definition from each of your selected dictionaries
    • The number of times it occurs in each of your selected Bibles
    • Related Strong's numbers (if you own one of our Bibles with Strong's numbers)
    • Definitions of each of those Strong's numbers from your Strong's dictionaries (if you own them)
    Autostudy reports can be printed, copied to the clipboard, or saved to PocketBible's public folder and copied to your Mac/PC through iTunes.
  • Synthesized audio support for all Bibles and books. Purchase one of nine voices (six English and three Spanish) to enable speaking features. Speak the selected text, selected verse, a passage, or just start speaking at the top of the page of any book or Bible. Will optionally scroll the text to match what it is being read.
  • The Journal lets you create notes that aren't associated with any Bible verse.
  • Customizable touch zones let you reconfigure the way you interact with Bibles and other books and move around in the text. For example, swipe up/down to scroll instead of left/right to turn pages.
  • AirPrint printing support. Print selected text, verses, passages, and Autostudy reports.
  • Tabbed panes. Display up to five panes, each containing any number of books, or switch to showing five tabs, where each tab controls a full-screen pane containing any number of books.
  • Automatically open all of your books into panes according to type (Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc.).

Enhancements to standard features include:

  • Name your highlight colors to make it easier to remember what your colors mean.
  • Select text in Bibles or reference books. Copy selected text to clipboard, look up selected phrase in a dictionary, and more.
  • Up to five book panes on the iPhone (was two).

System Requirements

Requires PocketBible 2.0.0 or later. AirPrint requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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