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PocketBible lets you study the Bible on your mobile device or desktop computer. Mobile versions of PocketBible are available for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. Desktop versions are available for Windows and Mac OS X.

PocketBible is free regardless of the platform on which you're running it. When you register PocketBible, we'll give you access to about 40 Bibles and reference books. After that you can add Bibles and books from our selection of hundreds of contemporary and classic Bibles and Bible reference books.

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All PocketBible Bibles and Study Bible Notes 20% Off. PLUS...
I admit that, like many of you, I have a fondness for books. Real books. I have a friend who reviews Bibles – commenting on the binding, paper quality, typeface, margin width, center column references, etc. – and posts pictures of newly published Bibles on Facebook. I've found myself drooling over these provocative images; admiring the luscious leather and gilded pages.

Sometimes I wish I had something like that to offer you for PocketBible. But then I realize that by boiling the Bible down to its text, we electronic publishers are stripping away the chaff and giving you the tasty wheat. Digital Bible study is built around and focuses on the very words of the Word. As it should.

So for the next couple weeks we're honoring the Bible and putting all our Bibles on sale. But we're not stopping there. In addition to giving you 20% off every Bible we offer for PocketBible, we're taking 20% off all our study Bible notes, making it more affordable to get the most from the Bible text with these concise, single-volume commentaries on the Bible.

And that's not all. When you purchase a Bible or study Bible notes, we'll give you 10% off anything else in your order (with the exception of our PocketBible Library collections, which are already discounted 70% or more).

You'd think we'd stop there, but we're not going to. Toss a copy of John Darby's Synopsis of the Books of the Bible in your cart and we'll give it to you for free!

You already know that your Bible study benefits from comparing different translations. Whether you prefer a word-for-word or thought-for-thought translation, or even a paraphrase, Laridian has a Bible to meet your needs.
Craig Rairdin
Save 20% On All Bibles
If you've been thinking of adding the NIV, NKJV, or other Bible to your PocketBible library, now is the time! If you haven't tried using Strong's numbers to deepen your study of the English text by linking to definitions of the Greek and Hebrew words underlying the English translation, this would be a good opportunity to save on Bibles that include them. Or try a unique translation like the Amplified Bible, Expanded Bible New Testament, or Complete Jewish Bible.                                                  

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Save 20% On All Study Bible Notes
Study Bible notes are implemented as commentaries in PocketBible. As you read the Bible, notes on key verses will describe historical/cultural background, point you to parallel passages or related verses, and discuss interpretation from a variety of doctrinal perspectives.                                                   

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Get Synopsis of the Books of the Bible FREE
John Darby's chapter-by-chapter commentary on the Bible, Synopsis of the Books of the Bible, is a five-volume set covering the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. These volumes include introductions to each book of the Bible along with overviews of important Biblical themes. 

Just drop this book into your cart along with your Bibles and/or Study Bible Notes and we'll give it to you free (a $14.99 value – $35 or more in print). 

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If you purchase any Bible or study Bible notes product using priority code BIBLE17, we'll take 10% off any other products in your order, *except for our PocketBible Library collections, which are already 70% or more off. Just add more products to your cart and we'll calculate the savings!
Follow the links above to automatically enter priority code BIBLE17 into your cart. Then simply add the Bibles and other titles you want to purchase. Savings are calculated automatically. Don't forget to add a copy of Synopsis of the Books of the Bible (a $14.99 value) to your cart, and we'll give it to you for free!

This offer is not available through the in-app purchase in PocketBible for iOS. Those purchases are handled by Apple, which doesn't recognize our priority codes. iOS users should purchase at our website using the links above. Users of PocketBible for Mac OS X, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Store can purchase through the in-app stores in those products, as those purchases are handled directly by Laridian.

* Our PocketBible Library collections are already deeply discounted and are not included in this offer.

Offer expires June 30, 2017 at midnight CDT.