Laridian Buy-It-Once Policy

When you purchase a book or Bible from Laridian, you are licensed to use that book or Bible on any compatible platform that the book or Bible is published on, with certain restrictions.

The books and Bibles you purchase from us are licensed to you personally. You may install them on any compatible device you own or control. You may not install them onto devices owned or controlled by others, including members of your family, unless you purchase an additional copy.

Think of it this way: You can install our software and books onto several devices as long as it's not possible that two people will be using our software to view those books at the same time.

For example, if you purchase a book or Bible for your iPhone, you'll find that you can also download it to your desktop PC or to an Android phone you might buy in the future. This is what we mean when we say you only need to “buy it once”. You're technically not buying “The Bible for iPhone” but rather you're buying “The Bible”. You can install it onto any device you personally own or control.

If you personally own or use several devices on which you've installed our Bible reading software, you can install the books or Bibles you purchase from us onto any or all of those devices without buying a separate copy for each device. If you buy a new device that is incompatible with your old one, you can buy our reader software for that device then install the books and Bibles you already own without buying additional copies of those books and Bibles.

Note that if your family shares one computer or if you share your phone with another person, you don't need to buy an additional copy of the books and Bibles for each user. But if you subsequently want to install those books and Bibles onto your personal cell phone or onto your computer at work, you need to have a second copy of those books since it will be possible for both you and another person to be using the software and viewing the books simultaneously.